Special Issue: The Rapture Issue


Behold, the Rapture Issue: yet another example of an office joke spiraling so far out of control that it becomes a full-on print issue. (As I recall, editor Carly Carioli was hesitant to green-light this … until he realized that this was his chance to do the Weekly World News cover he’s always wanted. That sold him instantly.) In addition to the brainstorming and general content wrangling, my major contribution to this package was the headline “God Hates FAQs.” (Also, I co-wrote “Rapture Pets,” which is basically Muppet Babies meets Left Behind, with a cameo appearance by Christopher Hitchens. It all kinda makes sense, promise.)

Despite this blasphemy, the entire editorial staff got raptured somehow — which someone (one of damned and earthbound, apparently) documented for posterity.

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