The Works: Special Issues, Web Projects, and Writing Samples

Special Issue: Summer Guide

How do you make a summer guide? With blood, sweat, tears, and lobster-fest listings.

Special Issue: The Rapture Issue

Spoiler: It was not the last Phoenix issue ever.

Special Issue: Valentine’s Day

I love creating theme issues. And my hands-down favorite theme issue is the Valentine's Day issue.

Special Issue: Holiday Gift Guide

Special Issue: Student Survival Guide

Special Issue: Bike Bible

Special Issue: Future Boston

See the publications I've worked for, the editorial packages I've put together, and the articles I've written.

Editing Work

Editing Work

Can you dedicate an issue of your newspaper to the End of Days? Should the title of Xtreme Hog Hunter magazine be italicized? Do you hyphenate the word "douchechills"? These are all burning questions I've had to answer as an editor. These are some of the pubs I've edited. (BTW, the answers are yes, yes, no.)
Web Projects

Web Projects

Working side by side with developers and designers, I've helmed the creation of a dizzying array of web portals and microsites over the years -- college survival guides, goth-rock battles, live Oscar night chats, and citywide best-of ballots, to name a few. These are some of my favorites.


When it comes to media matters, I prefer to work behind the scenes (e.g., brainstorming new story ideas, assigning articles to freelancers, editing copy). But I also enjoy writing when I can -- especially if it involves schlock horror or weird science. Check out my clips.