Special Issue: Summer Guide


The Phoenix‘s annual summer guide has long struck fear into the hearts of the company’s listings staffers, who spent the spring frantically typing their fingers into bloody nubs to make sure every flea market, lobster fest, and puffin-watching tour (no, really) in New England was entered into our sprawling listings directory.

Though daunting, the summer guides were really satisfying for me — when else can you cover both the history of the claw machine and the International Classic Video Game Tournament, or give a shoutout to cornholin’, or make a Choose Your Own Adventure-style game out of Boston landmarks? In 2011, I had the opportunity to massively overhaul the format of the guide, and work with our design director to give it a much greater emphasis on visual elements — a trend we continued in 2012. (To see all the articles at a glance, click here for 2011, and click here for 2012.)

That said, I can’t take any credit for my favorite part of these issues: the amazing photography/”living images” by the outrageously talented Boston photographer and filmmaker Mike Pecci.

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